27 may. 2009

Sofia, BG

Sin City – the taste of sin

There is a new phenomenon in Sofia night life – dance centre Sin City. May be it is the name, may be it is the site, or the unique design that turns the club into a place of attraction for Sofia’s highlife and common citizens. There are so many people ready to feel the taste of the sin deep in the wombs of the red building that other folk clubs left empty. 

What makes Sin City centre so attractive? May be it is the feeling of safety when the polite elegant security meets you at the entrance, or the working time of the complex - 24/7. But the feeling of large space and luxury and the mood that takes you are most impressive. The club is projected by the famous designer Julian Tahov. He has combined successfully modern motives and classical architectural devises. Each one of the halls has its own atmosphere and fascination. The whole complex is developed by brilliance and splendour. Glamorous girls, models and singers make atmosphere complete, creating the unique charm of the club. Many Bulgarians and foreigners, who have been in most famous clubs in Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York and London, say “This is the best club I’ve ever been to”. 

The regular visitors also reflect on the Sin City’s image. Models, actors, singers, sportsmen, politicians and businessmen give a good reputation of the club and the feeling of refined atmosphere and highlife class. There are luxurious limousines parked in front of the club. Sport teams often are celebrating their wins in Sin City. 

Dance centre Sin City is not like the typical pop folk clubs. The finesse and the good taste is what have been emphasized. The designer’s mixture of natural and synthetic materials, the modernism and brightly lightened reproductions of renaissance drawings, make you to break the rules and to plunge in the city of the sins, full of pleasure. There are luminous accents at the top of each column reaching the lightened leather ceiling. This attracts people’s attention and makes them dance on the elevated central dance floor and the beauty of the dancing girls stands out. The imagination recalls the ancient times of the Dionysius fests. 

There are pop folk club, techno club, coffee shop, night bar and piano bar in the complex. The sound is specially designed for the dance centre and it is the best in Bulgaria. There are five plasma screens as well.

Every night hundred of people are exhilarated by the atmosphere. Famous singers like Lili Ivanova, Maria Ilieva, Vasil Petrov, Vasil Naidenov are performing in the club. Fascinating pop folk singers exalt the exotic of the place with their presence on the stage, and excite the interest of the visitors. 
Sin City is preferable place to foreign businessmen, who have business trip in Bulgaria. There are high level managers came here to relax and enjoy their stay. Good-looking girls dance passionately under the rhythm of the oriental music and leave everybody breathless with their delicate movements, synchronizing the sounds. The young ladies look like real models perfectly dressed, according to the latest fashion trends. The atmosphere of the sin place is gets even hotter later in the night, when Bulgarians and visitors join and have fun together under the lights of the club.

Sin City club gathers people who love sophisticated entertainments and nigh emotions. The club is certainly a unique place and it’s definitely worth to be visited. The colorful club is a personification of Bulgarian society. People who have different profession an social status come here to entertain, to forget the daily round, to feel the sin that comes with the night. This atmosphere is unique mix of pop folk, dance music, techno and hit tunes standing out against tangible luxurious background and you will feel the night live dynamics, surrounded by the high class brilliance.

some clubs: www.investbulgaria.com/sofiaNightLife.htm

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  1. sofia ..the city jungle , sofia djungla bate :)

  2. V sofiq mi jaresvat ima mnogo elitni zavedeniq .. da ne kazvam nai elitnite v cqla bg.. Tova sa zavedeniq kato Cin City, Orient, i dr...

  3. He he cin city! Tova triabva da e nai-elitnoto. PO-skoro piano barovete sa hubavi!

  4. Hm, da v stolicata klubovete sa ka4estveni, no kakto na vsi4ki ni e izvestno horata ,koito gi poseshtavat ne sa mnogo ka4estveni. I ako govorim v interes na istinata, vsqkukuv tip klubove privli4at svoqta klientela s balansiran stil, i v muzikata, i v interiora, i v alkohola...hahahah, ne suvsem, v pove4eto slu4ai ne e ka4estven! Nazdrave!

  5. :D haha hora, ne znaete kakvo e Elitno zavedenie - klub Dai-Dai e "nai-elitniq". Sy6to taka i Nai-klub, i Orient razbira se. Ako iskate da vidite nai-elitnite top modelki na BG - welcome to BIAD!!
    Az ne sym ot elita i si padam po po-obiknoveni diskote4ki - Brilqntin, Gramofon, Likior. A iskam da ida i v Bizarro nqkoi den :)

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